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The L.J Of Gazley J.

... Boy, Interupted

25 October
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Well hey there:... Come on in (take ur shoes off please - the carpet's expensive)....Make urself comfortable!

There's been many a witty and thought provokin comment written about the nature of personality.... but i acnt say as i can recall any with ease...
And as much as i detest compartmentalisation as much as the next LJ'er i'll shove myself in a box or two for you lovely people to make this part of the process less agonising:-

25yr old graduate G.W.M, Optimistic disposition with substance abuse problem (CD's). Would like to think that at the very least my epithaph read "Thoroughly loveable bloke" preceeding "& The most Excellent World Overlord Exhaulted One" (thats another story for another time) - expensive tastes but easy to please and a cheap date - Prefers Red wine over white - Takes tea & coffee with milk & one sugar - only child - Enjoys contemporary caustic humour but still doubled up by a well placed and timed bodily function gag ETC ETC ETC Yadda Yadda Yadda Mass-Of-Contradictions BLAH!

But i guess a bio can only convinve you of *SO* much.....
So come on in......the water's fine!